martes, 5 de abril de 2011

oraciones de passive voice y active voice

Active Voice - Passive Voice
1. Juan buy a car in Caracas
R : A car is bought by Juan in Caracas
2. Pedro eat a meat in the restaurant
R: A meat is eaten by Pedro in the restaurant
3. Maria get out a night
R: A night is gotten out Maria
4: Jose practiced futbol in the field
R: In the field was practiced futbol jose
5. Luis wash the car to the shop
R: The car is washed to the shop by luis

Passive Voice - Active Voice 
1. In the company is worked as a secretary maria
R: Maria works as a secretary in the company
2. In the bar was danced salsa by kelly
R: Kelly danced salsa in the bar
3. A chicken is esten by juan
R: Juan eat chicken
4. A letter was written by maria
R: Maria wrote a letter
5. A bakery in stolen by luis
R: Luis steal a bakery 

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  1. por favor me podrian ayuda con esta tarea please es sobre active or passive

    Putt he verbs in brackets into the active or passive
    1. Drinks _______________________ (serve) in the lounge bar.
    2. The chambermaid __________________ (prepare) the rooms for you.
    3. The grapes _________________________ (pick) next week.
    4. She ___________________ (take) her baby to the park.
    5. Look! That girl ___________________ (kiss) by her boyfriend.
    6. Jane _____________________ (help) Bob with his maths.
    7. The rooms ________________________ (clean) at the moment.
    8. The barman ___________________(prepare) the drinks.
    9. He ____________________ (take) to hospital by ambulance.
    10. Dinner ______________________ (prepare) by my husband tonight.
    11. The policeman ____________________ (question) the criminal.
    12. The animals ______________________ (feed) by the farmer.
    13. She __________________ (bake) a cake in the kitchen.
    14. The letter ______________________ (deliver) by hand.
    15. Bob’s secretary ___________________ (type) the letter now.
    16. The surprise party ___________________ (organize) by her friends.
    17. The students ___________________ (teach) by a new teacher today.
    18. We ______________________ (learning) Spanish this year.
    19. Some pancakes _____________________ (make) in the kitchen.
    20. Mum ____________________ (make) cookies for tomorrow.
    21. Vegetables ____________________ (grow) at the moment.
    22. They _______________________ (pick) the grapes now.
    23. The children ______________________ (take) to the park by their grandparents.
    24. A lot of species _____________________ (threaten) by global warming.
    25. The prisoner ____________________________ (question) now