martes, 24 de mayo de 2011

Cuento Ingles

lost in the woods
It was once a family lived in the mountains, Jesus the son of Julia and Peter was very disobedient to their parents, Jesus liked to play in the woods behind his house but his father told him not to play there because could lose or be attacked by an animal but Jesus did not care what his father told him. One day Jesus' parents went to work and Jesus was left alone in the house, her parents warned her not to leave the forest they had seen prowling the area associated Jesus said he would not leave his father and believed him were, Jesus waits for his father to leave and went to play in the forest while ignoring the warnings of their parents and being exposed to the dangers of the forest. 
Jesus went into the woods to play as he always did, without straying far from the house, but this time decided to see what was inside the forest and away from home Jesus went into the forest until I can not see his house then realized he was lost but I keep calm and decided to walk to find the way back but the more I walked away from his most home after being lost for two hours began to despair and walk in circles, at nightfall Jesus still 
was lost in the woods. Julia and Peter wounds of work and were surprised that Jesus was not at home then I looked inside and outside the house, after searching for a while they noticed that Jesus was lost in the forest. 
Julia and Peter decided to seek help for his son, while Jesus was lost in the forest, the hours passed and the morning, when Jesus woke up and decided to walk to find his way home after an hour of walking Jesus stumbled upon a bear and remembered what his father told him, that he had a bear roaming the area, seeing the bear Jesus was paralyzed with fright. Bear and Jesus stared intently for a few seconds, the bear decided to get closer but Jesus could not move and he was paralyzed from fear at a time when Jesus and the bear were at just a few inches the other, then the bear got upon two legs to attack Jesus, Jesus fell to the ground but could do nothing because I was terrified when the bear was about to attack Jesus heard a shot and a second bear was killed by a shot in the head. 
Then Jesus opened her eyes and saw that it was a hunter and ollo bean from the grunts of the bear, the hunter helped Jesus to come home, when Jesus arrived he saw his father and ran to hug, after being embraced by a while Jesus promised that never again going to disobey and was not going to play more inside the forest. 

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