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Cuento Ingles con los 10 verbos

True friends
In the Central University of Venezuela studied four friends, John, Joseph, Mary and Paula the four studies in medical school, the four had to deliver a very important job that depended on the vast majority of the final grade, the four had to think about how going to present the work and how to give a report to the teacher. The four were to meet in the library for the job but Joe forgot the meeting that had he and his friends the next day John, Mary and Paula were annoying to ask for an explanation of why Joseph was not at the meeting Library, Joseph responded with a smile and told them heforgot. 
John said annoyed that should investigate the issues that touch as soon as possible José replied yes, but regardless the days passed and Joseph was not going to meetings to work with friends and always responded to his friends who I forgot, he approached the work day to submit, and Jose was not doing anything. 
One day Paula was to claim to Joseph for not attending meetings or doing nothing at work, Paula told Joseph he could not continue living like this, doing nothing and leave everything to the last minute, Joseph said he did not care selflessly what she or her friends say, she told him she had done in the presentation of the work, he said he would guess what was going to say in the presentation of work. 
Came the day of the presentation of the work and John, Mary and Paul were ready to defend his work, but Joseph was not prepared for anything because I had not studied or prepared anything for the job, by presenting John, Mary and Paula took a good rating But Joseph did not pass the test and was in danger of losing the half but his friends interfered by former teachers and got to give him one last chance to resubmit work John, Mary and Paula helped him to prepare the presentation of work , came the day of submission of Jose but this time Joseph was prepared and presented a good job and was one of the best note in the presentation of work. Joseph at the end to defend his work he thanked his friends and he apologized for not having done anything to help and had already learned the lesson that is never loose anything.
Verbs utilized
1.      Studies
2.      Think
3.      Forget
4.      Guess
5.      Should
6.      Live
7.      Give
8.      Smile
9.      Investigate
10.  Work

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